Imagine getting rid of stress, being fully focused,
navigating the challenges of life with ease,
while being healthy and truly happy!!


Aahana is a Mindful Empowerment Platform and empowers you to fully flourish in both your personal and professional life and find serenity at the same time. With personal coaching and mindfulness for modern day living.

Hi! I’m Nanya, founder of Aahana, a Life & Business Coach and Mindfulness Trainer with a management background in the corporate, financial and philanthropic industry.

From my own experience, I know the many challenges of a dynamic professional and family life. This has evolved into my mission to support you in your personal growth, help you to live a fulfilled life and achieve sustainable balance and wellbeing.

Step into your brightness

Information overload, digitalization and constant availability: We live in a diverse but also demanding world, and rapid change demands a high degree of flexibility from us.

I am convinced that personal development is more valuable than ever in our fast-paced world – perhaps even absolutely essential.

As a coach and mindfulness trainer, I stand by your side as an appreciative sparring partner and together we tackle your desire for change in a solution-oriented way. So that you have the opportunity to unlock your full potential and be balanced and fulfilled.


Calm your mind and elevate your wellbeing 

Developed for people like you: people with busy minds and dynamic lives. The program teaches you all the essential tools and hacks to create more clarity, creativity and awareness in yourself and your life.

Reduce stress, anxiety and restlessness while enhancing your inner strength and resilience. For your own benefit and for the benefit of those around you.
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Unleash your full potential –
everything is within you already

In our 1:1 work together, my goal is to offer you further points of reference for what is possible, personally and professionally.

We take on new perspectives and dissolve thought patterns that are no longer helpful. Through a resource and solution-oriented approach you gain clarity and can fortify your inner strength.


Slow down to power up

Mindfulness training and workshops that help employees and managers to sustainably strengthen their self-management, increase resilience and reduce stress. At the same time, a stable team feeling and appreciative leadership are induced. In times of New Work, humans become more and more central. And humans need self-leadership and appreciative attention in order to be able to develop their potential. Scientifically founded, with a modern approach, tailor-made according your respective needs.


– carl gustav jung –

Next Aahana InnerSight Mindfulness Group Course in Zurich

Would you also like to have less stress and more joy in life?

Learn how to implement mindfulness into your dynamic daily life, step by step, in the AIM group course. This program will give you the skills to reduce stress, sharpen your mental focus and feel more balanced. It will help you face life’s challenges with more serenity and ease, and show you the light that shines within you

Sunday 5.11. & Sunday 19.11.2023 from 14 – 16.30h
at Downdog Yogastudio, directly at the Stauffacher
Thursday 11.01.2024 from 19.30 – 20.45h
per Zoom
3x Live 3x live course in small group + beautifully designed workbook (90 pages) with theory and coaching exercises + meditation audios + enamel impulses
for the introductory price of CHF 270 (instead of CHF 370).